Red Lightning 2019


This year we are utilising the database services of the Red Thunder website for registration to participate in Red Lightning 2019.

 Even if you have previously logged into Red Thunder you need to do it again to register for Red Lightning 2019

To aid in completing the registration, you should assemble the following: 

  • PDF copy of their Licence
  • PDF copy of their Medical
  • PDF copy of their Aircraft Insurance
  • PDF copy of their Noise Certificate
  • Total Hours all Types
  • Total Command Hours all Types
  • Total Hours Last 12 Months
  • Total Hours Last 30 Days
  • Total Hours On Type to be used at Red Lighting
  • Total Command Hours On Type used at Red Lighting
  • Total Hours On Type Last 12 Months
  • Total Hours On Type Last 30 Days
  • Date of last formation flight
  • Date of last aerobatic flight

It looks like a lot, but once you have the above, completing the web registration process should only take about 10 minutes. Click on the link below and begin your registration.